Recording Meeting May 18th, 2022

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455 Books Mailed!!

Did You Know…

In the first 6 months of this year the Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent in cooperation with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library will have mailed out 455 books to local kids! We could not have done this without the support of this community.

Want more info or like to support this project? Visit

Tree Planting 2022

The tree planting season has started! Under guidance of Jay, several trees went already in the ground, in John N Given Learning Centre, Wallaceburg District Secondary School and Thamesville Area Public School. More schools to come. We’ll keep adding pictures as they come in.

Here are some pictures:

Meeting May 5, 2022

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Kiwanis in the News

This morning Kiwanian Chris Summerfield was the guest of Jay Smith on the local station 99.1FM CKXS. They discussed the Tree Planting Project, the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library as well as the Terrific Children Project.

Click below for the complete interview.

Senior Trophy Winners

Congratulations to Elissa Wei winning the 2022 Silver Tray!

See below for all the senior trophy winners through the years:

Silver TrayElissa Wei2022
Kiwanis BowlHannah Cole2021
Silver TrayYiyang Wang2021
Silver TrayWillow Boismier2019
Kiwanis BowlJosh Campbell2018
Silver TrayIan Pepper2018
Kiwanis Bowl (Piano)David Tran2017
Silver Tray (Piano)Steven Li2017
Silver Tray (Piano)Raymond Geoffrey Li2016
Kiwanis Bowl (Strings)Kevin Yuan2016
Silver TrayCarolyn Tran2015
Golden K Kiwanis BowlColin Bell2015
Kiwanis BowlJoshua Vitella2015
Silver TrayJaedin Grineage2014
Kiwanis Golden K BowlMeghan Chevalier2014
Kiwanis BowlEmily Calongcagong2014
Rose BowlRyan Nauta2013
Kiwanis BowlLauren Vitella2013
Silver TrayEmily Pepper2013
Rose BowlJacqui Verellen2012
Kiwanis BowlCarter Wood2012
Kiwanis BowlYuchen Dai2011
Silver TrayJunghoon Ko2011
Rose BowlTamera Newberry2011
Rose BowlCynthia Lussier2010
Silver TrayHelen Tran2010
Kiwanis BowlKathryn Wiebe2008
Silver TrayCynthia Lussier2008
Silver TrayErica Lacey2007
Kiwanis BowlAnthony Bracewell2007
Silver TrayMaggie Morrison2006
Kiwanis BowlVanessa Varriano2006
Rose BowlNaomi Eberhard2006
Rose BowlErin Armstrong2005
Kiwanis BowlMonica Shank2005
Silver TraySunny Choi2005
Silver TrayChristine Tithecott2004
Rose BowlJamie Hillman2004
Silver TrayClara An2003
Rose BowlJackie Nelson2003
Silver TraySara Brooks2002
Kiwanis BowlJoel Verkaik2002
Rose BowlRachel Schwarz2002
Silver TrayRobert Biswas2001
Kiwanis BowlLeanne Korpan2001
Kiwanis BowlSusan Edmonds2000
Silver TrayJeremy Burns2000
Rose BowlAimee Velle2000
Rose BowlPablo Bustos1999
Silver TrayJesse Popov1999
Kiwanis BowlDavid Thibert1999
Kiwanis BowlMelissa Hemworth1998
Silver TrayOskana Vignan1998
Rose BowlJane Davidson1998
Silver TrayDarrett Zusko1997
Silver TrayBen Smith1996
Kiwanis BowlJulie Rempef1995
Silver TrayChristopher Most1995
Rose BowlJenny Peetoom1995
Kiwanis BowlRachel Lejoie1994
Silver TrayRichard Felver1994
Rose BowlClaudia Belsito1994
Kiwanis BowlJudith Mcintyre1993
Silver TrayRoss Osmun1993
Rose BowlPatrice Felver1993
Kiwanis BowlKern-Ann Wood1992
Rose BowlPeggy Dwyer1992
Kiwanis BowlDara-Lynn Zusko1991
Rose BowlDavid Gibson1991
Silver TrayPaulette Ford1991
Kiwanis BowlKristen LaPointe1990
Silver TrayCynthia Zantingh1990
Rose BowlLisa Driediger1990
Rose BowlAnn Green1989
Kiwanis BowlMichelle McLauchlin1989
Silver TrayLeslie Kingham1989
Rose BowlMarc McNamara1988
Kiwanis BowlJennifer Trinca1988
Silver TrayJoel Hastings1988
Silver TrayJohn Charron1987
Kiwanis BowlAlyson Burr1987
Rose BowlJennifer Ackford1987
Silver TrayClark Bryan1986
Kiwanis BowlChris Rupert1986
Rose BowlLaura Bisschop1986
Silver TrayVincent Ranger1985
Rose BowlTrish Reimer1985
Kiwanis BowlSusen Palasti1985
Rose BowlJanice Bultje1984
Silver TrayMoragh McMullin1984
Kiwanis BowlZoltan Rozsnyai1984
Silver TrayWilliam Sgrazzutti1983
Rose BowlAnn Wood1983
Kiwanis BowlRob MacLachlan1983
Kiwanis BowlColleen Bushey1982
Silver TrayBess Lin1982
Rose BowlJohn Rooke1982
Kiwanis BowlSusan Carney1981
Silver TraySusan Hamblin1981
Rose BowlJohn Worthington1981
Silver TraySusan Schamahomn1980
Rose BowlRon McLagan1980
Silver TrayMatthew Kulbaki1979
Kiwanis BowlJane Pekar1979
Rose BowlChris Doddy1979
Silver TrayMarianne Tricsii1978
Rose BowlFrances A. Walsh1978
Rose BowlNancy MacMillan1977
Silver TrayRichard Dunlop1977
Silver TrayElizabeth Matthews1976
Kiwanis BowlLeslie Magowan1976
Rose BowlWilliam Moyer1975
Kiwanis BowlDoug Sanford1975
Silver TrayRobert Ollikkala1975
Silver TrayJon Gonder1974
Rose BowlBrian Roberts1974
Kiwanis BowlCarol Tunks1974
Silver TrayNancy McMillan1973
Rose BowlDawn Oestricher1973
Kiwanis BowlDavid Sass1973
Rose BowlJeannine Pelkey1972
Kiwanis BowlDoug Sanford1972
Rose BowlTherese Gadoury, Donald Clark1971
Silver TrayMargaret A. Kapasi1971
Rose BowlCaron Hendershot, Robert Howell Harrier1970
Silver TrayMyrna Dorsey1970
Rose BowlSusan Martinuzzi, Mike DeBoer1969
Silver TrayMaria Mazan1969
Rose BowlKaren Sutherland, Gary Kivell1968
Silver TrayLen Ballantine1968
Rose BowlJeannine Marie Pelkey, Mike DeBoer1967
Silver TrayMarion Miller1967
Rose BowlGretchen Fogel, Brian Douglas Reid1966
Silver TrayThomas Green1966
Silver TrayRebecca Wicks1965
Rose BowlPatricia Syzmanski, Edward Nakashima1965
Silver TraySharon Hingst1964
Rose BowlMarilyn Webster, James Black1964
Rose BowlPaulette Petz, Edward Nakashima1963
Silver TrayRobert Weese1963
Rose BowlJanet Dunn (Wake), Peter Koop1962
Silver TraySharyn Hail1962
Rose Bowllngrid Koop, Kenneth Willing1961
Silver TrayTina Yanchus1961
Silver TrayKathleen Smith1960
Rose BowlMaria Kosiuch, John Vriend1960
Silver TrayTherese Lebeau1959
Rose BowlSylvia Brightwell, James Marsden1959
Rose BowlPatricia Home, Maxwell C. Ward1958
Silver TrayBetty Lou Arnold1958
Silver TrayLucey Boyer1957
Rose BowlSandra Mandzuk, George E. Fennell1957
Silver TrayShirley Pethes1956
Rose BowlHenrietta Dagmar Cambala Roy Groenendyk1956
Rose BowlYvette Marchessault, Kent Jackson1955
Silver TrayStephanie Hill1955
Silver TrayShirley Pethes1954
Rose BowlKathryn McKinnon, Hendrik K. Smit1954
Rose BowlCharlotte Watkins, Amedee Emery1953
Silver TrayDawn Frye1953
Silver TrayElaine Keillor1952
Rose BowlMargaret Woof, Donald Francis Forsythe1952
Silver TrayVirginia Chambers1951
Rose BowlMargo MacKinnon, Donald B. Allen1951
Rose BowlSheila M. Marshall, Oswald H. Lewis1950
Silver TrayJuliette Gabus1950
Rose BowlMarion Archibald, William E. Crump1949
Rose BowlMary Katherine Newland, William Smith1948
Rose BowlMary Elizabeth Lewis, J. Carlyle Hancock1947
Rose BowlMarcjuerite Gianac, Bert Gordon Kay1946

CKMF Winners 2022

Please find below the winners of the 76th Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival

EntryAward - Trophy - Plaque
Temi AdefarasinP.G. Fraser Memorial Trophy
Temi AdefarasinWindsor ORMTA Award
Georgie BiondiEthel Dunn Memorial Trophy – Grade 2 Piano
Georgie BiondiAlexander Funeral Home - Bertha Lavery Award
Georgie BiondiVera Fraser Award by Zonta Club of Chatham-Kent
Olivia BoulleyEdna Hirst Lester Memorial Trophy Piano Grade III
Olivia BoulleyW.L. Alexander Award
Lauren BrownVelma Craig Memorial Plaque – Grade 8 Piano
Lauren BrownJack Cooper Memorial Award
Lauren BrownAnonymous Award (Senior Piano)
Naomi CardJack Cooper Memorial Award
Jessica ChalmersMusical Stage & Screen Plaque - 19 years & over
Jessica ChalmersMarion Archibald Memorial Award
Hannah ColeMcGeachy Charitable Foundation Award
Hannah ColeElizabeth Chrysler Memorial Award
Oscar CopelandR.J. Durocher Memorial Trophy Pianoforte Junior
Oscar CopelandAlexander Funeral Home - Bertha Lavery Award
Dresden Area Central SchoolRosina A. Craven Memorial Trophy for excellence in Choral Speaking
Dresden Area Central SchoolRev. George R. Service memorial Award
Dresden Area Central SchoolThe Janet Wake Poetry Award
Dresden Area Central SchoolThe Chatham Voice Award
Dresden Area Central SchoolBeta Sigma Phi Sorority (Chatham) Award
Dresden Area Central SchoolJack Cooper Memorial Award
Ben EasterKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent
Ethan FengJohn G. Stephen Memorial Trophy, Grade 7 Piano
Ethan FengAlexander Funeral Home - Bertha Lavery Award
Ethan FengLois Pepper Memorial Award
Ethan FengFrancis Ouellette Estate Foundation Award
Tommy GrochmalKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Orlagh GrochmalKiwanis Vocal Trophy - 15 years & under
Orlagh GrochmalCaptain Garnet Brackin I O D E Award
Orlagh GrochmalMaple Mutual Insurance Award
Orlagh GrochmalAllison Heyink
Orlagh GrochmalKiwanis Piano Plaque, Graded Classes, Gr. 6 - 8
Orlagh GrochmalKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Henry HillJack Cooper Memoria Award
Matthew HoldawayMusical Stage & Screen Plaque - 17-18 years
Matthew HoldawayVictoria Avenue United Church Vocal Trophy – Grade 8-9
Matthew HoldawayRobert Chrysler Memorial Award
Matthew HoldawayMarion Archibald Memorial Award
Chinchin HungVera Fraser Memorial Piano Trophy Graded Classes - Gr 1 - 2
Chinchin HungAlexander Funeral Home - Bertha Lavery Award
Chinchin HungMarjorie V. Menninger Award
Korin InoueProfessor Howard Munn Memorial Trophy - Canadian Composer, Grade 10 Piano
Korin InoueW.L. Alexander Award
Korin InoueLois Pepper Memorial Award
Brooke JamiesonKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent
Adrian KaminskiRidgetown Kiwanis Club Award
Sebastian KaminskiKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Dorothy LiKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Dorothy LiMcGeachy Charitable Foundation Award
Summer LuGrade 6 - Jack Herd Memorial Trophy
Summer LuLois Pepper Memorial Award
Summer LuCapt. Garnett Brackin I OD E Award
Serena LuthKenneth J. Matthews Memorial Plaque - Grade 3-5
Serena LuthThe Dennis L. Armstrong Memorial Award
Melissa MaversKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Jaelyn McDonaldKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent
Kali McDonaldGrace White Memorial Trophy, Grade 5 Piano
Kali McDonaldJack Cooper Memorial Award
Ryker McDonaldKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent
Maddison McFaddenCaptain Garnet Brackin I O D E
Thianna NgoLois Pepper Memorial Award
David PanicciaAlexander Funeral Home - Bertha Lavery Award
David PanicciaLois Pepper Memorial Award
Vanessa PisquemJanet Wake Memorial Sacred Vocal Trophy, Grade 4-6
Vanessa PisquemKiwanis Vocal Trophy – 14 years & under
Vanessa PisquemMusical Stage & Screen Plaque - 14 years and under
Vanessa PisquemJames E. S. Allin Award
Rosie RankinMusical Stage and Screen Plaque - 12 years and under
Rosie RankinKiwanis Vocal Trophy – 12 years & under
Rosie RankinRobert Trinnear Memorial Vocal Plaque - Canadian Composer, Grade 1-7
Rosie RankinJanet Wake Memorial Sacred Vocal Trophy, Grade 1-3
Rosie RankinCaptain Garnet Brackin I O D E Award
Rosie RankinDr. Erin (Stewart) Leis Memorial Award
Will RankinRidgetown Kiwanis Club Award
Sophia SimoneJanet Wake Memorial Sacred Vocal Trophy, Grade 7-8
Sophia SimoneLois Pepper Memorial Award
Jayden SuWindsor ORMTA Award
Jenica SuThe Zonta Club of Chatham-Kent Eleanor Beardall-Alexander
Jenica SuMemorial Trophy Piano Grade IV
Jenica SuEleanor Beardall Alexander Award by Zonta Club of Chatham-Kent
Jackson TorranceKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Rachel WangAlexander Funeral Home - Bertha Lavery Award
Rachel WangKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Rachel WangLois Pepper Memorial Award
Elissa WeiKiwanis Silver Tray
Elissa WeiMarjorie V. Menninger Award
Elissa WeiW.L. Alexander Award
Elissa WeiMcGeachy Charitable Foundation Award
Alexis WoodsEileen Walker Memorial Trophy, Grade 1 Piano
Alexis WoodsRidgetown Kiwanis Club Award
Tim XingKiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Award
Sophia XuWindsor ORMTA Award
Cherilyn YanLois Pepper Memorial Award
Cherilyn YanFrancis Ouellette Estate Foundation Award
Cherilyn YanAnonymous Award (Senior Piano)
Cherilyn YanCaptain Garnet Brackin I O D E Award
Cherilyn YanRon Kingham Memorial Award
Spencer YuanMcGeachy Charitable Foundation Award
Spencer YuanLois Pepper Memorial Award
Spencer YuanKiwanis Lt. Governor Award for Original Composition
Carrie ZhangKiwanis Piano Plaque, Graded Classes, Gr. 3 - 5
Carrie ZhangCaptain Garnet Brackin I O D E Award
Serena ZhangFrancis R. Daymond Memorial Trophy - Canadian Composer, Grade 9 Piano
Serena ZhangDorothy Foreman Memorial Plaque, Grade 9-10 Piano
Serena ZhangMcGeachy Charitable Foundation Award
Serena ZhangRidgetown Kiwanis Club Award

Recording Meeting April 20

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