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Results Musical Theatre

The results for Musical Theatre are ready.

30000Sydney Hart94
30020Mazzelyn Galbraith90
30020Vanessa Pisquem92
30020Lucas Babich90
30020Hannah Lethbridge91
30030Leah Jackson92
30030Juniper Dore89
30030Quinn Bertino91
30040Ainsley Gray91
30040Myrah Declerk89
30040Aden Babich90
30050Breya Blair87
30120Lucas Babich90
30120Mazzelyn Galbraith91
30120Hannah Lethbridge92
30120Vanessa Pisquem91
30130Juniper Dore88
30130Leah Jackson90
30140Ainsley Gray92
30140Myrah Declerk89
30150Breya Blair88
30330Aden Babich90
30340Rowen Chapple88
30410Mazzelyn Galbraith, Juniper Dore and Ireland Graham90
80520Odin Wiseman89
80630Josie Burr89

Results Strings

The results from the strings classes by adjudicator Lance Ouelette. The marks are in order of the class numbers.

50050Nicole Liu89
50060Nicole Liu90
50090Nicole Liu88
50230Frank Huang91
50250Henry Hill87
50260Georgie Biondi88
50430Frank Huang90
50460Georgie Biondi88
50460Zoë Thompson87
50480Evy White87
50630Frank Huang90
50650Henry Hill86
50660Georgie Biondi87
50660Zoë Thompson86
50930Frank Huang82
51130Frank Huang91
51160Hayden Hill87
51900Hayden Smids87

Importance of Music Festivals

An interesting read!

Results Senior Piano

Here are the marks from adjudicator Benjamin Smith on the senior piano classes. He had a full schedule from Wednesday till Friday. The marks are in order of the class numbers.

40020Martin Tran84
40040Martin Tran83
40210Lauren Browne86
40210Jasmine Wan87
40300Linhan Xue90
40310Tin-Chi Yip87
40310Lauren Browne88
40320Sophia Xu85
40320Jayden Su89
40400Shuah Cho88
40410Albert Zhou86
40420Rory Dillon86
40420Jayden Su86
40420Liko Li89
40430William Trinh80
40430Leo Trinh86
40430Lianna Li88
40440Catherine Huh87
40440Livlyn Li88
40440Jenica Su88
40440Margaret Whitelaw91
40500Linhan Xue88
40520Albert Zhou84
40520Tin-Chi Yip86
40520Lauren Browne90
40530Jayden Su86
40530Rory Dillon86
40530Liko Li88
40530Sophia Xu89
40540Lianna Li89
40550Jenica Su86
40550Catherine Huh86
40550Menglan Yong88
40550Margaret Whitelaw89
40550Livlyn Li89
40600Tin-Yau Yip84
40620William Trinh82
40620Leo Trinh88
40700Linhan Xue87
40710Tin-Yau Yip85
40710Jasmine Wan87
40710Lauren Browne88
40720Jayden Su85
40720Rory Dillon86
40720Liko Li86
40720Sophia Xu88
40730William Trinh83
40730Lianna Li88
40740Catherine Huh87
40740Jenica Su87
40740Livlyn Li88
40740Menglan Yong90
40800Shuah Cho87
40800Linhan Xue88
40810Albert Zhou86
40820Sophia Xu84
40820Jayden Su84
40820Rory Dillon86
40820Liko Li88
40830Kali McDonald88
40830Leo Trinh89
40840Jenica Su86
40840Margaret Whitelaw92
40910Jasmine Wan85
40930Leo Trinh85
40930William Trinh86
40930Kali McDonald87
40940Jenica Su88
41110Tin-Chi Yip and Tin-Yau Yip85
41320Liko Li90
41330Oscar Copeland85
41330Lianna Li87
41340Nina Phillips80
41340Livlyn Li87
41340Margaret Whitelaw88
41640Oscar Copeland83
41680Nina Phillips85
41700Nina Phillips86

Results Junior Piano

Here are the results of Junior Piano, from Tuesday and Wednesday April 2-3, 2024. The results are in order of class number.

45330Alex Dinh84
45330Ethan Duphette91
45450Aidan Koscielski83
45450Jackson Torrance83
45450Olivia Boulley86
45450Viola Kerr83
45450Yolanda Yuan88
45460Georgie Biondi90
45470Adrian Kaminski84
45470Evan Koscielski85
45470Jack Biondi85
45470Joshua Lee84
45480Alex Dinh85
45480Kevin Le90
45560Aidan Koscielski87
45560Jackson Torrance86
45560Olivia Boulley84
45560Sebastian Kaminski84
45560Tommy Grochmal85
45560Yolanda Yuan84
45570Georgie Biondi84
45580Evan Koscielski85
45580Logan Torrance84
45640Yolanda Yuan88
45670Ethan Duphette88
45670Liam DePass87
45750Sebastian Kaminski84
45780Kevin Le92
45850Aidan Koscielski87
45850Olivia Boulley85
45850Tommy Grochmal85
45850Yolanda Yuan86
45860Georgie Biondi86
45860Heather Cowan88
45870Adrian Kaminski86
45870Evan Koscielski85
45870Jack Biondi84
45870Logan Torrance84
45880Alex Dinh85
45880Ethan Duphette86
45950Aidan Koscielski84
45950Jackson Torrance84
45950Olivia Boulley85
45950Yolanda Yuan90
45960Georgie Biondi85
45970Evan Koscielski90
45970Jack Biondi84
45970Joshua Lee84
45980Alex Dinh87
45980Ethan Duphette86
45980Kevin Le86
45980Liam DePass88
46030Scottie Biondi84
46040Scottie Biondi86
46050Scottie Biondi88
46350Sebastian Kaminski85
46350Yolanda Yuan86
46360Georgie Biondi87
46370Joshua Lee82
46720Hannah Cowan83
46720James Pitblado84
46720Maddison McFadden82
46730Jaelyn McDonald84
46730James Pitblado83
46730Lily Babin83
46730Mila Urie80
46750Jaelyn McDonald86
46750James Pitblado87
46755Ethan Carron78
46755Stephanie Peltier80
46760Kaitlyn Cowan90
46770Chin Chin Muang85
46770Evan DePass83
46780Chin Chin Muang90
46790Chin Chin Muang95
46800Summer Franssen80
46810Ryker McDonald85
46830Alexis Price90
46830Summer Franssen90
46850Hayden Provost86
46850Ryla Babin85
46860Owen Pumfrey90
46870Hayden Provost87
46880Hayden Provost90
46890Ava Zondervan80
46900Zain Hessel84
46920Ava Zondervan83
46920Zain Hessel84
46930Zain Hessel84
47030Maddison McFadden87
47040Chin Chin Muang84
47040Evan DePass84
47050Ryker McDonald90
47060Hayden Provost88
47060Owen Pumfrey84
47060Thomas Pegg84
47070Zain Hessel85
47100Edmund Biondi87
47100Elias DeGroot88
47100Jasper Pumfrey87
47100Norah Pilon87
47110Edmund Biondi85
47110Elias DeGroot89
47110Jasper Pumfrey85
47110Norah Pilon87
47120Edmund Biondi85

First results are in!

Here are the results of the vocal classes held April 2 at Holy Trinity. The results are presented in class number order.

20120Orlagh Grochmal86
20500Mazzelyn Galbraith84
20520Orlagh Grochmal85
20620Orlagh Grochmal85
20630Vanessa Pisquem87
20680Alcina Wojkowski87
20850Leah Jackson86
20880Myrah Declerk85
20920Vanessa Pisquem87
21000Mazzelyn Galbraith86
21030Vanessa Pisquem87
21040Lucas Babich85
21040Hannah Lethbridge86
21050Leah Jackson87
21070Aden Babich88
21080Alcina Wojkowski85
21090Rowen Chapple85
21200Mazzelyn Galbraith86
21230Vanessa Pisquem88
21240Lucas Babich85
21270Aden Babich87
21280Myrah Declerk85
21630Orlagh Grochmal85
21710Aden Babich, Lucas Babich88

C.K. Cyber Pack Robotics

Earlier this month Mark Dickinson and Abby were our guest speakers and they informed us about their robotics passion. Last Saturday they competed in Windsor.